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North Pacific Groundfish Stock Assessments

2009 North Pacific Groundfish
Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports for 2010
Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands
(BSAI All sections, ~28mb) or
individual sections:
Gulf of Alaska
( GOA All sections, ~27mb)
individual sections:

BSAI Introduction

GOA Introduction

Eastern Bering Sea Pollock
    Aleutian Islands Pollock
    Bogoslof Island Pollock

GOA Pollock

BSAI Pacific cod

GOA Pacific cod

BSAI Sablefish

GOA Sablefish

BSAI Yellowfin Sole

GOA Shallow-water Flatfish

BSAI Greenland turbot

GOA Deep-water Flatfish

BSAI Arrowtooth flounder

GOA Rex Sole

BSAI N. Rock Sole

GOA Arrowtooth Flounder

BSAI Flathead Sole

GOA Flathead Sole

BSAI Alaska Plaice

GOA Pacific Ocean Perch

BSAI Other Flatfish

GOA Northern Rockfish

BSAI Pacific Ocean Perch

GOA Shortraker/Other Slope rockfish

BSAI Northern Rockfish

GOA Pelagic Shelf Rockfish

BSAI Blackspotted and Rougheye rockfish

GOA Rougheye and Blackspotted rockfish

BSAI Shortraker rockfish

GOA Demersal Shelf Rockfish

BSAI Other Rockfish

GOA Thornyheads

BSAI Atka Mackerel

GOA Atka Mackerel

BSAI Squids

GOA Skates, Sharks

BSAI Skates,Octopus, Sharks, Sculpins

GOA Squids, Octopus, Sculpins

BSAI Economic summary

GOA Economic summary

GOA Forage Fish

BSAI vulnerability

GOA vulnerability

BSAI Grenadiers

GOA Grenadiers

Reports bound separately

BSAI/GOA Halibut Discard Mortality Rates

Ecosystem Considerations Report (or access: Ecosystem web-page)

Economic Status SAFE Report

BSAI Plan Team Council Presentation

GOA Plan Team Council Presentation

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