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North Pacific Groundfish Stock Assessment Archives

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Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Area and Gulf of Alaska Groundfish Assessments Archive

2013-2018 North Pacific Groundfish Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports

2012 Assessments

2011 Assessments

2010 Assessments

2009 Assessments

2008 Assessments

2007 Assessments

2006 Assessments

2005 Assessments (please use menu):

2004 Assessments (for 2005)

2003 Assessments (for 2004)

2002 Assessments (for 2003)

2001 Assessments (for 2002)

2000 Assessments (for 2001)

1999 Assessments (for 2000)

1998 Assessments (for 1999)

1984 GOA Assessment (Tech Memo: NMFS-F/NWC-80)

1986 GOA Assessment (Tech Memo: NMFS-F/NWC-119)

1986 BSAI Assessment (Tech Memo: NMFS-F/NWC-117)

1989 GOA Assessment (Tech Memo: NMFS-F/NWC-165)

North Pacific Groundfish Fishery Management Plans (FMP)


US West Coast Groundfish Assessments Archives

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