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The Alaska Fisheries Science Center's publications web pages are designed to provide:

  • The AFSC Publications Database, which contains over 7,000 citations for publications authored by Center scientists. Both Simple and Advanced Searches query all citation entries in the database for search terms (e.g, author's last name, common and scientific names, or key words in title). Search results provide complete citation details and links to those publications available on-line.

  • A dynamic list of new publications by Center authors.
  • The AFSC Posters Database, containing nearly 900 records of posters and presentations that were created, authored and presented by Center scientists and staff. These records provide links to .pdf files (or .htm pages) for viewing or downloading. Database queries for title, author name, AFSC Division, and conference details can be conducted using either the simple or advanced search options.
  • The AFSC Processed Report series (1971 to present) continues the NWFC and NWAFC Processed Report series originally established in 1974.
  • Online Stock Assessment documents for commercially important fish and crab stocks off Alaska and the U.S. West Coast and for marine mammal stocks of the North Pacific Ocean.
  • A list of NMFS-AFSC NOAA Technical Memorandums (including abstracts); this series (1992 to present) is edited and published by the Center's Publications Unit.
  • Calendar Year Publication Lists; these lists (1991 to present) include both peer-reviewed publications, such as journal articles and books, and Center-produced technical reports.

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