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Resource Ecology and Ecosystem Modeling Program

Trophic Interactions Sampling and Analysis

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Resource Ecology and Ecosystem Modeling (REEM) program personnel participated during the bottom trawl surveys in the Gulf of Alaska and eastern Bering Sea, contributing to all aspects of catch processing, data recording, and collecting of biological samples.  In the eastern Bering Sea, 7,515 stomach samples were collected from benthic and midwater tows.  In the Gulf of Alaska, 1,717 stomach samples were collected, and the contents of 3,557 stomachs were analyzed at sea.  Stomach contents of 557 groundfish were analyzed in the Trophic Interactions Laboratory in Seattle.  The resulting data are being error-checked for loading into the groundfish food habits database.  In addition, 308 regurgitation and bill-load samples from seabirds were analyzed for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. 

REEM outreach activities included meeting with the Education Coordinator for the city and borough of Yakutat, Alaska, and meeting with educators in Metlakatla, Alaska to explore some options for incorporating marine and fisheries science into other standard curricula. 

REEM staff also presented several talks and posters at the American Fisheries Society annual meeting, in a session entitled “Gutshop 2015: New Perspectives on Feeding Ecology of Fishes”. NOTE to SUSAN insert link to AFS copy by Neidetcher

By Troy Buckley, Geoff Lang, Mei-Sun Yang, Richard Hibpshman, Kimberly Sawyer, Caroline Robinson and Sean Rohan


Integrated Ecosystem Assessments

REEM staff participated in a meeting of the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council’s Ecosystem Committee, in order to finalize the proposed scope and work for a proposed Bering Sea Fisheries Ecosystem Plan (Bering FEP).  The focus was on developing “Action Modules,” a method for determining specific scientific projects to become part of the ecosytem plan.  A scoping document will be presented to the NPFMC in December 2016 for review.

By Kerim Aydin



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