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Bering Sea Research Team Awarded Gold Medal 

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Members of the Bering Sea Research Team.

The Bering Sea Research Team recently was selected by the Secretary of Commerce to receive a Group Gold Medal for Scientific and Engineering Achievement. The award recognizes the team’s expertise and creativity to lead the most comprehensive integrated ecosystem assessment ever completed, revealing how climate cycles affect the Nation's largest fishery. Mike Sigler (Alaska Fisheries Science Center) and Phyllis Stabeno (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory) traveled to Washington, D.C., to receive the award on 29 September 2015 on behalf of the team.

NOAA members of the Bering Sea Research Team included Kerim Aydin, Steve Barbeaux, Nick Bond, Kris Cieciel, Ned Cokelet, Mike Dalton, Janet Duffy-Anderson, Lisa Eisner, Ed Farley, Bill Floering, Nancy Friday, Alan Haynie, Ron Heintz, Al Hermann, Anne Hollowed, Jim Ianelli, Dave Kachel, Nancy Kachel, Stan Kotwicki, Ben Laurel, Bob Lauth, Ann Matarese, Sue Moore, Cal Mordy, Jeff Napp, Jim Overland, Patrick Ressler, Sigrid Salo, Mike Sigler, Peggy Sullivan, Phyllis Stabeno, Chris Wilson, and Alex Zerbini. In total, the team included about one hundred scientists from inside and outside NOAA, as well as members of  native communities. A full list is available at For more information on the Bering Sea Project, please visit

By Mike Sigler


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