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The Convention on the Conservation and Management of the Pollock Resources in the Central Bering Sea

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Annual Conferences


Conference* Dates Location
First Annual Conference 1996, Nov. 13 - 15 Moscow, Russia
Second Annual Conference 1997, Nov. 5 - 7 Seattle, USA
Third Annual Conference (S & T) 1998, Nov. 30 - Dec. 4 Tokyo, Japan
Fourth Annual Conference 1999, Nov. 8 - 12 Busan, Republic of Korea
Fifth Annual Conference 2000, Nov. 6 - 10 Shanghai, China
Sixth Annual Conference 2001, Sept. 17 - 21 Gdynia, Poland
Seventh Annual Conference 2002, Sept. 16 - 19 Moscow, Russia
Eighth Annual Conference 2003, Sept. 15 - 19 Portland, OR, USA
Ninth Annual Conference 2004, Sept. 7-9 Kushiro, Japan
Tenth Annual Conference 2005, Sept. 6-9 Busan, Republic of Korea
Eleventh Annual Conference 2006, Sept. 5-8 Warsaw, Poland
Twelfth Annual Conference 2007, Sept. 4-7 Beijing, China
Thirteenth Annual Conference 2008, Sept. 1-3 Keliningrad, Russia
Fourteenth Annual Conference 2009, Aug 31-Sept 1 Stevenson, WA, USA
Fifteenth Annual Conference 2010 Hosted by the United States Virtual Conference
Sixteenth Annual Conference 2011 Hosted by Japan Virtual Conference
Seventeenth Annual Conference 2012 Hosted by Republic of Korea Virtual Conference
Eighteenth Annual Conference 2013 Hosted by Poland and the European Union Virtual Conference
Nineteenth Annual Conference 2014 Hosted by the Russian Federation Virtual Conference
Twentieth Annual Conference 2015 Hosted by the United States Virtual Conference

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