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Resource Ecology & Ecosystem Modeling Program

World Seabird Conference

Alaska Fisheries Science Center staff and contractors recently attended the First World Seabird Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, 7-11 September 2011. Oral and poster presentations were made on work being done at the AFSC on seabird bycatch, biology, and management.

NOAA's National Seabird Program was a major sponsor of the conference, and nine of the NMFS regional offices and science centers were represented. Participants also staffed a NMFS booth in the conference exhibit hall.

This conference was the most coordinated, cross-agency representation of the National Seabird Program at an international meeting since the program's inception in 2001.

More information about the World Seabird Conference is available on the Web at

Abstracts of the presentations and posters by NOAA are available at

AFSC poster presentations on seabird mortality on trawl vessels and fulmar food habits are available at

By Shannon Fitzgerald

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