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April-June 2006
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Issues of Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries Management and Stock Rebuilding Workshop

The AFSC hosted a policy-level workshop on 25 April 2006, focusing on issues of ecosystem approaches to fisheries management and stock rebuilding. Several managers and scientists from the Republic of Korea (R.O.K) were featured guests at the cooperative workshop. Dr. Anne Hollowed (REFM Division) organized the workshop. AFSC Science and Research Director Dr. Douglas DeMaster and R.O.K Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Dr. Sung Bum Kim provided the welcoming addresses.

Dr. Sung Bum Kim gave a presentation on the current status of fisheries resource management policy in Korea. Dr. Grant Thompson (REFM Division) reviewed the history and performance of the National Standard Guidelines for the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. Dr. Jae Bong Lee, R.O.K. National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, gave a presentation on stock rebuilding plans in Korea and approaches for determining rebuilding targets. Mr. Steven K. Davis (National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Alaska Regional Office) provided an overview of the National Environmental Policy Act and its application to fisheries management. Ms. Elizabeth Babcock (NMFS Northwest Regional Office) gave a presentation on the Endangered Species Act entitled, “Recovery Strategies for Puget Sound Salmon.” Dr. David Fluharty (University of Washington) reviewed fisheries ecosystem approaches in the context of NOAA’s ecosystem approach to management. Dr. Jae Bong Lee gave an overview of ecosystem approaches to fisheries management in Korea. Ms. Pat Livingston gave a presentation on a framework for providing ecosystem impacts advice to managers.

After the workshop, members of the Korean delegation flew to NMFS headquarters to meet with policy makers to continue their discussions on policy level actions that facilitate ecosystem approaches to fisheries management.

By Anne Hollowed

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