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April-June 2006
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Estimated production figures for 1 January through 30 June 2006.
Species     Specimens
 Yellowfin sole               685
 Walleye pollock            5,706
 Pacific cod               632
 Sablefish            2,389
 Atka mackerel            1,467
 Pacific ocean perch               582
 Northern rockfish               561
 Rougheye rockfish            2,728
 Dusky rockfish               111
 Dark rockfish                 50
 Great Sculpin               400
Total production figures were 18,541 with 4,468 test ages and 225 examined and determined to be unageable.  This release of great sculpin ages are the first ages of this species from the Age and Growth Program.



Age and Growth Program

AFSC Hosts Committee of Age Reading Experts

The AFSC again hosted the biennial CARE (Committee of Age Reading Experts) meeting for 2006. The meeting had 33 attendees. The chair for this meeting was Patrick McDonald from the Northwest Fisheries Science Centerís ageing laboratory in Newport, Oregon. Starting with this meeting, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories will send a representative to all future CARE meetings. Dr. Gregor Cailliet, the head of the age reading effort at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories presented age validation work performed by graduate students, mainly on rockfish, sharks and rays. At the meeting, CARE returned to its roots, so to speak, with a day and a half focused on collaborative microscope work on such species as sablefish, canary rockfish, arrowtooth flounder, Pacific cod, Pacific whiting, petrale sole, and thornyheads. Although the tradition has been for the AFSC to host all CARE meetings, a special treat may be in store for the 2008 meeting. Shayne MacLellan of the Pacific Biological Station (PBS), Nanaimo, Canada, noted that the PBS would like to host the 2008 CARE meeting as part of the PBS 100th anniversary.

By Dan Kimura

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