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Milestones: Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis Division (FMA)

Ed Dunn Retires With 28 Years of Federal Service

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Ed Dunn.

Ed Dunn retired from the Center’s Fisheries Management and Analysis (FMA) Division, with over 28 years of federal service. As an invaluable Information Technology Specialist, Ed’s tenure is characterized by gentle self deprecating humor, dedication to a job well done, and courtesy to everyone. It was a privilege to work with him, to enjoy his creativity, and reap the benefits of his talents in building software that supports the AFSC Observer Program.

Ed is a tenacious problem solver who as a member of the FMA Division was unafraid to try multiple approaches regardless of the complexity or technology until a business issue was ultimately resolved.  The Center has greatly benefited from both Ed’s curiosity needed to maintain a positive attitude in taking on new challenges and from his perseverance in solving problems.

Ed was last seen driving off in his much abused van, a couple of homemade solar panels strapped to the roof, solar panels that Ed asserted would enable him to power his laptop (and possibly his home espresso machine?) from any place in the United States. His heart remains youthful; his outlook adventurous; he will surely enjoy travel and art around the globe. We, who have benefited from his friendship and joie de vivre, wish him the very best in retirement.

By Doug Turnbull


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