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Applicability of Sonars for Habitat Mapping Bibliography Database Search

The primary focus of this bibliography is benthic habitat characterization using backscatter and bathymetric data from multibeam echo sounders, single-beam echo sounders, and side scan sonars. The coverage ranges from methods for acquiring and processing data, data extraction and synthesis from imagery, production and use of habitat maps for fishery management and other purposes, modeling species distributions using processed data, and some relevant theoretical treatments.

The bibliography was compiled as a NOAA Technical Memorandum (see citation below) from extensive searches of online literature databases, as well as secondary reviews of literature cited in the selected references. The collection includes peer-reviewed articles, state and Federal reports, conference papers, cruise reports, bulletins and books. The abstracts and keywords for each reference were obtained from the original source whenever possible. If one or the other was not available for use, a brief summary and/or keywords were added. Links were only provided at the request of the publisher. Some papers were excluded due to lack of availability of copyright permissions.

  2016. The applicability of sonars for habitat mapping: a bibliography. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-317, 129 p.  (2.8 MB).


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