The references listed here include the publications for the identification of Alaskan invertebrates and fishes (taxonomy), feeding ecology, diets of the marine fish. They are further divided by major taxonomic categories.

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Scyphozoa (jellyfish) and Ctenophora (comb jelly) Top

Nemertea Top

Polychaeta (polychaete worms) Top

Gastropoda (snails) Top

Pteropoda Top

Nudibranchia (sea slug) Top

Bivalvia (clams and mussels) Top

Cephalopod (squid and octopus) Top

Ostracoda Top

Copepoda Top

Mysidacea (mysid) and Euphausiacea (euphausiid) Top

Isopoda Top

Amphipoda Gammaridea Top

Amphipoda Hyperiidea Top

Natantia (shrimp) Top

Reptantia (crabs) Top

Sipuncula, Echuira, Priapulida Top

Ophiuridea (Brittle Stars) Top

Holothuroidea (sea cucmbers) Top

Urochordata (tunicates) Top

Larvacea Top

Rajidae (skates) Top

Clupeidae (herring) and Salmonidae (salmon) Top

Osmeridae (smelts), Ammodytidae (sand lance) and forage fis Toph

Bathylagidae Top

Paralepididae (barracudinas) Top

Myctophidae (lanterfish) Top

Gadidae (cods, pollocks and allies) Top

Zoarcidae (eelpouts) Top

Scorpaenidae (rockfish) Top

Cottoidei (sculpins) Top

Agonidae (poachers) Top

Pleurinectoidei (flatfish) Top