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Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment Program 

Forage Fish Distribution and Diet in the Eastern Bering Sea (Figures 2, 3)

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Figure 2.  Distribution plots of capelin and herring catch per unit effort (CPUE; kg/km2) during Warm (2003-2005) and Cold (2006-2011) climate periods.  Local polynomial interpolation was used to generate shaded contours for visualization.  Circles represent magnitude of CPUE at each station that were trawled.  (A) Capelin during warm climate period, (B) Capelin during cold climate period, (C) Herring during warm climate period, and (D) Herring during cold climate period.
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Figure 3.  Prey percent volume for prey categories in the diet of capelin (top four bar plots) and herring (bottom four bar plots) within each domain, and during both warm (2003-2005) and cold (2006-2011) climate periods.


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