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Marine Ecology and Stock Assessment Program

AFSC Survey and Fishery Data Available Through AKFIN

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Jan-Feb-Mar 2013
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Fishery and survey data are now available online through AKFIN (Alaska Fisheries Information Network). Data sources include 1) the Auke Bay Laboratories (ABL) bottom-longline survey; 2) Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis (FMA) observer data; and 3) the NMFS Alaska Regional Office (AKRO) groundfish catch accounting data. AKFIN's mission is to consolidate multiple fishery data sources so that mangers and scientists can access data efficiently and in formats specific to their needs. In cooperation with ABL's Marine Ecology and Stock Assessment program (MESA), FMA, and the AKRO, AKFIN has developed reports that bring together in one location the data sources stock assessment scientists regularly use. These reports were developed specifically to fit staff data needs. New for 2013, reports that allow access to Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering (RACE) trawl survey data are under construction and should be available in the near future. As new needs arise, reports can easily be adapted and created.

To create an account for accessing these reports, contact Robert Ryznar at Contact Cara Rodgveller with questions about the web accessible reports, 907-789-6052).  

By Cara Rodgveller  



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