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Please choose life stage of interest.

This is especially important for pigmentation patterns. For specimens of unknown life history stage choose "All Stages". Click here to see complete definitions of life history stages.
All Stages: Search for taxa regardless of life stage
Egg/Embryo: spawning to hatching egg image Yolk-Sac Larvae: hatching to complete absorption of yolk sac yolksac image Preflexion Larvae: complete yolk-sac absorption to start of notochord flexion preflexion image
Flexion Larvae: start of notochord flexion to completion of notochord flexion flexion image Postflexion Larvae: completion of notochord flexion to start of metamorphosis postflexion image Juvenile: completion of fin-ray development and start of squamation to attainment of sexual maturity juv image

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last updated: June 2021