Alaska Fisheries Science Center scientists have conducted cruises in 1972 and yearly from 1977 until the present. These cruises have been conducted by several work groups and have had multiple goals. The results are a database that includes 410 cruises which have sampled in four different geographic areas:

  • The Arctic Ocean, above 66°30'N
  • The Gulf of Alaska between the Aleutian Islands and Southeast Alaska
  • The Eastern Bering Sea including the area surrounding the Pribilof Islands
  • The Washington/Oregon/California coastal area

The purpose of this database catalog is to allow users to search for cruises of interest based on region, sampling gear, and/or sampling date. The results will return a list of the cruises meeting the search criteria and will link to a synopsis of each cruise. Please note that the actual specimen data (i.e. taxa caught, catch statistics) are not available directly through this database. The database is meant as a tool to find what data have been collected. Ichthyoplankton specific information can be found at the University of Washington fish collections web site or by e-mailing the webmaster.

Note: The website now includes cruise information on all cruises conducted by the EcoFOCI program. Cruise station data include ichthyoplankton, zooplankton, and trawl sampled stations. Maps of ichthyoplankton station are available through all the survey years. Maps of zooplankton stations are available beginning 2017 cruise year. Maps of trawl stations are available beginning 2019 cruise year.

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