Fishing Communities of Alaska

Snapshots of Human Communities and Fisheries

View data for key indicators of fisheries dependence and other economic and demographic characteristics for Alaska communities

AFSC community snapshots

Alaska community snapshots take the pulse of Alaskan fishing communities using information about their fishing involvement and demographic characteristics. Yearly information is presented in each snapshot on commercial and recreational fishery harvest and processing sectors to help show how community involvement in each fishery has changed over time. Community participation in subsistence is also included. Demographic information on social and economic aspects of the community is reviewed using the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The full-length Community Profiles for North Pacific Fisheries ? Alaska, last updated in 2013, contain more in-depth information regarding the historic, demographic, cultural and economic context for understanding a community?s involvement in fishing.

The NOAA Fisheries? Northeast Fisheries Science Center and Southeast Regional Office have also produced community snapshots. Please visit their webpages to explore fishing involvement in their regions.

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