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Economics & Social Sciences Research Program

Improving Community Profiles for the North Pacific Fisheries

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Jan-Feb-Mar 2012
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For the last 16 months, the Economic and Social Science Research (ESSR) program has been updating the Community Profiles of North Pacific Fisheries Alaska.

Community profiles are being drafted for 195 Alaskan communities that have ties to commercial, recreational, or subsistence fishing in the state. More communities may be added based on newly acquired data regarding subsistence fishing and marine mammal hunting in the state.

Each updated community profile will report information on local demographics, the history of the community, natural resources, educational opportunities, the local economy, fisheries-related infrastructure, community finances, fisheries revenue, shore-based processing plants, landings and permits by species, and subsistence and recreational fishing participation, as well as information collected from communities in the Alaska Community Survey, which was implemented during summer 2011.

In addition, regional profiles will be drafted that summarize overall involvement in fishing by communities in each of the major regions of Alaska.

Drafts of each profile will be made available to each community for their review in late April and early May 2012. ESSRP researchers will incorporate any comments received to the extent possible. Final versions of the regional profiles and community profiles will be made available on the AFSC website as soon as community comments have been incorporated.

By Amber Himes-Cornell

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