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AFSC’s Employees of the Year

AFSC award recipients

Alaska Fisheries Science Center recipients of the Employee of the Year Award for 2006
(left to right): Michele Ottmar, Jennifer Ferdinand, Jenny Dear, Susan Calderón, and Rod Towell.
Bill Karp represented the AFSC for the Office of the Science Director.  Not pictured is Nancy Maloney.

Jenny Dear (Resource Assement and Conservation Engineering (RACE) Division), Susan Calderón (Operations Management and Information Division), Michele Ottmar (RACE Division/Newport Laboratory), Rod Towell (National Marine Mammal Laboratory), and Jennifer Ferdinand (Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis Division) were selected as the AFSC recipients of NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service Employee of the Year Award for 2006.

The award is given annually to honor employees in five categories from each Region and Science Center and from Headquarters as recognized by their peers for their contributions to the Nation, to NOAA, and to the Fisheries Service in helping to meet the stewardship responsibilities for the Nation’s living marine resources. Nancy Maloney (Auke Bay Laboratories) received the Best Scientific Publication Award, also awarded annually, which honors the most significant papers published in the Fishery Bulletin and the Marine Fisheries Review as determined by the NMFS Publications Advisory Committee.

The awards were presented as part of the spring NOAA Fisheries Leadership Council Meeting on 24 April in Silver Spring, Maryland.

By Susan Calderón

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