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Jan-Mar 2006
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Fisheries Oceanography Coordinated Investigations (FOCI)

Members of the Recruitment Processes Program presented research results at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium ( held 22-25 January 2006 in Anchorage, Alaska. Included were talks about the current status of the Bering Sea, research on juvenile pollock, capelin, and eulachon in the Gulf of Alaska, assessing egg cannibalism and parentage in Atka mackerel, and fatty acids composition of zooplankton.

Recruitment Processes staff completed a multiyear project on forage fishes of the Gulf of Alaska sponsored by the North Pacific Research Board and the Ichthyoplankton Information System (, the first web-accessible larval fish identification and early life history guide.

The first scheduled cruise of the new season to look at the eggs and larvae of winter spawning flatfish unfortunately was cancelled due to motor problems with the NOAA ship Oscar Dyson. Some of these flatfish such as arrowtooth flounder have great ecological importance in the Gulf of Alaska ecosystem, others such as Pacific halibut, and Dover and rex sole are economically important.

Members of the Recruitment Processes Program also participated in an interagency working group focused on climate variability and loss of sea ice in the Bering Sea. The group published their first report and is working on ways to better coordinate climate and ecosystems research in the Bering Sea (

By Jeffrey Napp

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