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Rockfish Reproductive Development Atlas

What started as a master’s thesis project for former AFSC scientist Frank Shaw has resulted in
An atlas of reproductive development in rockfishes, genus Sebastes” published in the NOAA Professional Paper series  in July 2012. The atlas is the product of a joint effort by Frank Shaw, Frank Morado, Vanessa Lowe, and Susanne McDermott. Final efforts leading to publication were headed by Frank Morado and Vanessa Lowe.

The atlas is a microscopic study of the major development events that occur during spermatogenesis, oogenesis and embryogenesis, including atresia in six species of Sebastes (S. alutus, S. elongatus, S. helvomaculatus, S. polyspinis, S. proriger, and S. zacentrus). Reproductive development in all six species was consistent, demonstrating 11 phases of testicular, 12 phases of ovarian and 33 stages of embryonic development. The results suggest that the presented reproductive development may apply to all species of Sebastes regardless of the number of broods produced annually. The comparative study was initiated as an effort to gather information on life history parameters which are critical for proper management of harvested species.

The atlas is available on the NMFS Scientific Publications Office website in pdf format and may be cited as “Shaw, Franklin R., J. Frank Morado, Vanessa C. Lowe, and Susanne F. McDermott. 2012. An atlas of reproductive development in rockfishes, genus Sebastes. NOAA Professional Paper NMFS 14, 77 p.”

By Frank Morado and Vanessa Lowe

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