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Age & Growth Program

Production Numbers

Age readers in the Age and Growth Program have been busy ageing hard structures for both production species and special research projects.

Estimated production numbers for the period from 1 January through 30 September 2009 include 19 species for a total of 28,958, with 6,980 test ages and 399 that were determined to be unageable.

Species  Specimens
 Alaska plaice 353      
 Arctic cod 1,205      
 Atka mackerel 1,026      
 Bigmouth sculpin 40      
 Blackspotted rockfish 390      
 Dusky rockfish 515      
 Flathead sole 470      
 Greenland turbot 944      
 Northern rock sole 1,122      
 Northern rockfish 1,083      
Species  Specimens
 Pacific cod 3,801      
 Pacific ocean perch 1,305      
 Quillback rockfish 52      
 Rex sole 1,589      
 Rougheye rockfish 420      
 Sablefish 2,393      
 Shortraker rockfish 1,202      
 Walleye pollock 9,667      
 Yellowfin sole 1,381      

By Tom Helser

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