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Resource Ecology & Fisheries Management (REFM) Division

Status of Stocks & Multispecies Assessment Program

DisMELS: A Dispersal Model for Early Life History Stages

DisMELS screenshot, see caption
Figure 2.  A screenshot of the DisMELS graphical user interface after running a dispersal simulation, showing the “spaghetti” of tracks of individual simulated larvae. Red squares encompass 5x5 grid cells (~10 km on a side) used in the NEP ROMS oceanographic model; black areas signify land. Several hundred northern rock sole “early stage larvae” were released from five “spawning areas” (blue dots indicate release positions) along the Alaskan Peninsula and tracked for 60 days. Upon reaching ~8mm size, “early stage larvae” (tracks in blue) became “late stage larvae” (tracks in green) and started undergoing vertical diel migrations between 10-20m depth (nighttime) and 30-40m depth (daytime). Green triangles indicate positions of “late stage larvae” after 60 days.

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