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Essential Fish Habitat Funding Received

Proposals for FY 2011 essential fish habitat (EFH) recently were funded. Project selection for EFH research is based on research priorities from the EFH Research Implementation Plan for Alaska. Approximately $500,000 is spent on about ten EFH research projects each year. Research priorities are

  1. Coastal areas facing development
  2. Characterization of habitat utilization and productivity
  3. Sensitivity, impact, and recovery of disturbed benthic habitat
  4. Validation and improvement of habitat impacts model
  5. Seafloor mapping 

The Habitat and Ecological Processes Research (HEPR) team completed a scientific rating of the 2011 proposals in fall 2010. NMFS Alaska Regional Office Acting Deputy Regional Administrator Jon Kurland and HEPR Program Leader Mike Sigler agreed on rankings based on the scientific review and management priorities. Similar to last year, habitat recovery rate proposals were given higher management priority. The management prioritization generally followed the science ranking but a few changes were made to reflect the relevance of the proposals for fishery management decisions.

Principal Investigators Titles Funding
Ryer, Spencer, Iseri, Ottmar, Copeman Determinants of juvenile tanner crab growth from different nursery embayments $ 83,000     
Malecha, Shotwell, Amman Recruitment and response to damage of an Alaskan gorgonian coral $ 16,700    
Laurel, Stoner The role of benthic habitat in larval rock sole settlement dynamics $ 42,740    
Yeung, Yang Quantifying flatfish habitat quality in the eastern Bering Sea by infauna prey density $ 124,000    
Rose, McEntire Collection of seafloor imagery during AFSC bottom trawl surveys $ 11,900    
Johnson, Thedinga, Lindeberg Coastal fishes of Alaska: a synthesis of over a decade of nearshore marine surveys $ 39,000    
Wilson, Rooper Low-cost multibeam mapping to support habitat based groundfish assessment and deepwater coral research in the Gulf of Alaska $ 67,400     
   $ 384,740 

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