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Apr-May-June 2008
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Status of Stocks & Multispecies Assessment Program

NMFS National Stock Assessment Workshop

Status of Stocks and Multispecies Assessment (SSMA) Program staff, along with other AFSC staff, participated in the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) National Stock Assessment Workshop on 6-8 May 2008 in Port Townsend, Washington. The theme for the meeting was "Improving Integrated Surveys and Stock Assessments." The group also met jointly with the National Economic and Social Science Workshop and the National Advanced Sampling Technologies Working Group. The major topics discussed were improving stock assessments with advanced sampling technologies, incorporating reproductive biology in stock assessments, integrated bioeconomic modeling, Magnuson Stevens Reauthorization Act implementation, and improvements in assessment methods. Moderated discussion sessions were conducted on various topics including management strategy evaluation, discard data, dynamic management reference points, development of integrated surveys and time series in untrawlable habitat, calibration of time series (catchability coefficients of new technologies like fisheries survey vessels), and National Standard 1 technical guidance. A poster session was held on related subjects as well.

By Julie Pearce

Atka Mackerel Research Symposium

The Fisheries Interaction Team (FIT) of the SSMA Program hosted the second symposium on Atka mackerel research at the AFSC on 29-30 April. Presentations focused on current research conducted at the AFSC in collaboration with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, and Central Washington University.

On 29 April, the symposium presentations focused on Atka mackerel population structure, Atka mackerel tag and release studies, Steller sea lion interactions, and Atka mackerel reproductive ecology. The session on reproductive ecology included Atka mackerel small-scale distribution patterns, mating strategies, embryonic development, reproductive output, juvenile distribution, recruitment, and mating behavior. Many of the field data presented were collected during NMFS tag and release of Atka mackerel during 2000-07. The studies on reproductive ecology represented results from North Pacific Research Board project 522, which was conducted from 2005 until December 2007.

On 30 April, the symposium addressed Atka mackerel population assessment and management. Presentations included updates on the groundfish surveys, innovative modeling approaches to Atka mackerel population abundance, Atka mackerel stock assessment, and Steller sea lion population assessment in relation to Atka mackerel abundance.

By Susanne McDermott

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