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Resource Ecology & Fisheries Management Division (REFM)

Quarterly Research Reports October-December 2003

BSAI Walleye Pollock
BSAI Pacific Cod
BSAI Yellowfin Sole
BSAI Greenland Turbot
BSAI Arrowtooth Flounder
BSAI Rock Sole
BSAI Flathead Sole
BSAI Alaska Plaice
BSAI Other Flatfish Complex
BSAI Pacific Ocean Perch
BSAI Northern Rockfish
BSAI Shortraker/Rougheye Rockfish
BSAI Other Rockfish
BSAI Squid and Other Species Complex
AI Atka Mackerel
GOA Pollock
GOA Pacific Cod
GOA Flatfish
GOA Arrowtooth Flounder
GOA Atka Mackerel
GOA Thornyheads
GOA Skates (Rajidae)
GOA Forage Fish

               - Atka Mackerel Tag Recovery Cruise Near Amchitka Island and Seguam Pass

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