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Fur Seal Bibliography Database

This online bibliography is based on a 2006 publication which lists northern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus) literature available up to that time. Additional northern fur seal citations, literature, and related archival information are available in the Marine Mammal Library's Northern Fur Seal Archive and the AFSC Publications Database.

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Activity Budgets
Adult Animals (only)
Age Determination
Alaska Fishery and Fur-Seal
        Industries Reports
Anatomy (general)
Arctocephalus australis
        (South American)
Arctocephalus forsteri (New Zealand)
Arctocephalus galapagoensis
Arctocephalus gazella (Antarctic)
Arctocephalus phillippi
        (Juan Fernandez)
Arctocephalus pusillus
        (Cape, S. African)
Arctocephalus spp.
Arctocephalus townsendi (Guadalupe)
Arctocephalus tropicalis (Kerguelen)
Audiogram, Vocal Signature
Behavior (general)
Behavior Cycles
Bibliographies (incl. comprehensive
        "literature cited" sections)
Birth, Parturition
Blood Chemistry
Body Growth
Body Size
Body Temperature
Breeding Behavior
Byproducts of the Harvest
California sea lion,
        Zalophus californianus
Captive Animals (care and
        husbandry, studies on captivity)
Chemistry of Excretions
Circulatory System
        (incl. blood vessels)
Clinical Medicine
Composition of Tissues
Contact or Disturbance by
        Predators, Humans
Dall's Porpoise, Phocoenoides dallii
Density Dependence
Digestion & Excretion
Digestion Efficiency
Diving (depth, duration, physiology)
Ecology, Oceanography, Ecosystem,
        Ecological Effects, Photoperiod
Ecosystem Stability
Endocrine Cycles (life history cycles)
Endocrine Organs, Hormones
Energetics, Energy Expenditure
Food Habits (prey species, location,
        abundance; feeding behavior)
Function (general)
Fur Seal Commission Reports
        and Background Papers
Fur Seal Investigations (U.S.A.,
        Canada, Japan, U.S.S.R.)
Fur Seal Literature for ADP
        Database Only
General Information Articles
Genetics, DNA Fingerprinting
Government Documents, Legislation,
        Congressional Papers
Gray Seal, Halichoerus grypus
Habitat Preferences
        (incl. geographical requirements)
Harbor Seal, Phoca vitulina
Harp Seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus
Harvest Statistics
Hematology & Heart Rates
Historical Accounts (historical
        abundance, research methods)
Immune System
Internal Organs (anatomy,
International Treaties, Agreements,
Intraspecific Aggregations
        (age/sex structure)
Intraspecific Aggression
        (postures, vocalizations)
Juvenile or Sub-Adult Males
Killer Whale, Orcinus orca
Life History (natural history,
        reproductive cycles)
Lipids, Lipoproteins, Fatty Acids,
        Fatty Acid Profiles
Location = Antarctic Oceans
        or Region
Location = Bering Island
Location = Bering Sea
Location = Bogoslof Island
Location = Cape Flattery
Location = Commander Islands
Location = Kodiak Island
Location = Kuril Islands
Location = Mednyi (Copper) Island
Location = North Pacific Ocean
Location = Okhotsk Sea
Location = Pribilof Islands (incl.
        Otter Island and Walrus Island)
Location = Robben (Tyuleniy) Island
Location = San Miguel Island
Location = Sea of Japan
Location = South Atlantic Ocean
Location = South Pacific Ocean
Location = St. George Island
Location = St. Paul Island
Locomotion (incl. muscular function)
Management, Conservation (reports
        concerning management, etc.)
Marine Mammal-Fishery Interactions
Marine Mammals
Maturation (age at first reproduction)
Methods (tracking, capture,
        laboratory and field)
Microbiology (viruses, bacteria,
        fungi, protozoa, zoonoses)
Milk Intake
Models (population and ecosystem
Morality, Rates & Causes
        (see Survival Rates)
Musculature (anatomy)
Museum Specimens (collection)
Native Subsistence Harvest or Use
Nervous System (anatomy)
NOAA/OSCEAP Funded Reports
Noise Pollution, Aircraft Noise Impact
Non-Anthropogenic Toxins
Northern Elephant Seal,
        Mirounga angustirostris
Nutrition, Vitamins
Paleontology, Fossils
Pathology (diseases,
        cause of death)
Pelage (form, function, furs)
Pelagic Behavior
Pelagic Data and Reports
Pharmacology (anesthetizing, drug
        effects, tranquilizing,
Physiology (general)
Physiology of Death
        (incl. humane harvest methods)
Population (numbers,
        abundance, status, estimates)
Population Dynamics
Population Genetics
Population Structure by Age,
        Age Ratio
Population Structure by Sex,
        Sex Ratio
Population Studies (general)
Porpoise (Spinner, Spotted, etc.)
Predator-Prey Interactions
Pribilof Island Program Reports
Reproductive Biology
        (incl. medical topics)
Reproductive Organs (anatomy)
Reproductive Rates
        (pregnancy rates, calving interval)
Reproductive System (function)
Russian References (incl. other
        foreign languages, translations)
Selection & Evolution
Selective Extinction
Sensory Systems
        (Anatomy: eyes, ears, vibrissae)
Sensory Systems
        (Function: vision, hearing)
Skeletal System (anatomy,
Skin (anatomy)
Social & Economic Factors of the
        Fur Seal Industry
Social Behavior & Organization
Sound Localization
Spacial Orientation & Territoriality
Species Interactions
Statistical Methods, Sampling
Steller Sea Lion, Eumetopias jubata
Strandings, Stranding Rehabilitation
Structure of Group or Population
Survival Rates
        (see Mortality, Rates & Causes)
Tagging & Marking; Methods,
        Evaluation & Results
Taxonomy Systematics
Terrestrial Behavior
Terrestrial Mammals
Toxicology (incl. PCB's, etc.)
Trade Journal Citations (fur trade)
Underwater Sound
Unpublished Literature
Vocal Recognition


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