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A few points of clarification regarding the names of rookeries, groups of rookeries, rookeries on small isolated islands, and extinct rookeries must be addressed to prevent confusion.

  • To search for comparable photos (only within the ground-level photographs), use the Related Groups category.
  • In order to search for specific rookery sections (only within the aerial collection), the user should use rookery identifiers.
  • Any mention of "Northeast Point", "Reef Point", or "English Bay" refers to a specific combination of rookeries on St. Paul Island. Northeast Point includes Vostochni and Morjovi rookeries. Reef Point includes Reef, Ardiguen, and Gorbatch rookeries. English Bay refers to Tolstoi, Zapadni Reef, Little Zapadni, and Zapadni rookeries.
  • Three "remote island rookeries" were included as part of the aerial collection: Otter Island, Sivutch (sometimes referred to as Sea Lion Rock), and Walrus Island. All three involve islands offshore from the two main islands in the Pribilofs. These three locations were added to aid in searching and should not be confused with the 20 rookeries located on the two main islands of the Pribilofs (St. Paul and St. George).
  • Lagoon rookery and Little East rookery are now extinct rookeries. Images of either rookery are only available within the 1895 ground-level series.
  • Both St. Paul Island and St. George Island have a Zapadni rookery. In order to distinguish the two, the rookery identifier is "z" for Zapadni rookery on St. Paul Island and "zsg" for Zapadni rookery on St. George Island.
  • Alternative spellings of rookery names may exist, especially seen in the 1895 ground-level photograph series and the 1896 rookery charts. What is now known as Kitovi rookery was labeled as "Ketavie rookery", Lukanin as "Lukannon", and Polovina as "Polavina".


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