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Eastern Bering Sea
Water Column Temperature Data

Each year since 1982 the RACE Groundfsh Assessment Program has conducted a trawl survey in the eastern Bering Sea at which time water column temperature data was collected. To better utilize this data in biological comparisons, statistics were calculated from each water column sample. The following links contain all the information:

AFSC NOAA Technical Memorandum that describes the origination and post-survey processing of the data and the methods used to produce the water temperature statistics for each station and the water structure indices for each year.

Download water column statistics. (comma delimited file 1.8 MB)

Download water temperature indices 6 strata, 7 strata. (e.g. volume of the cold pool)

View metadata. View data field descriptions.

Go to an interactive map of survey fish data overlaid with temperature data. Use the identity tool to access graphs of temperature versus depth for all years by chosen station.

Peruse graphs of the water column profiles (temperature versus depth) all stations by chosen year.

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