graph of pollock acoustic survey in east Bering Sea
Figure 1.  Total pollock acoustic backscatter along trackline during the summer 2000 acoustic-trawl survey of the eastern Bering Sea shelf.  Transect numbers are underlined, and the Critical Habitat area is outlined.




graph of pollock echosign near U.S./Russia border
Figure 2.  Pollock echosign observed at the north end of transect 28 near the U.S./Russia border (near 61N., 178W.)
during the summer 2000 echo integration-trawl survey of the Bering Sea Shelf and slope, MF-0009.
Data were collected with a 28kHz Simrad echosounding system.




graph of pollock acoustic survey off Kodiak Island's east side

Figure 5.  Acoustic backscatter attributed to adult walleye pollock along tracklines during pass 2 of the
August 2000, acoustic-trawl survey of pollock off the east side of Kodiak Island, Gulf of Alaska.